Home Propane Gas Refill, Installation & Service

If you already have a propane heating & power at your home, then you may be looking for a new propane supplier.  Search “Propane gas refill near me” and you will find many businesses, agents and directories listing local, and not so local, propane companies.

Blue Star Gas has been supplying propane gas, services & equipment since 1938. We’re a family run full-service propane company servicing in Arizona, California, Oregon, Utah & Washington State.  We’re here to help.

Open your account online, or contact your nearest propane office to get the best propane price with reliable delivery and service.

Residential Propane Systems

First and foremost, it’s important to get to know your propane system. It has three basic parts:

  • A propane storage tank
  • Underground gas piping from the tank to your house
  • Piping within your home to your propane appliances

Because Blue Star Gas is a full-service provider, we are qualified to handle everything from putting in your underground piping to installing and servicing your new propane appliances. We offer the following residential services:

Please note that not all services may be available at every Blue Star Gas location. To learn more about the specific services offered at your local Blue Star Gas, please visit our Locations page.

Residential Propane - Frequently Asked Questions

❱  How big is a propane tank?

Single-family homes are served by various propane tank sizes depending on their annual usage. Tank sizes range from 120 gallons for single appliance usage, to a 1000-gallon tank for a very large home with all gas appliances. Most often, a 250 or 500 gallon tank is sufficient for an average home. For dimensions of common-sized tanks, visit our Construction page.

❱  Do I have to buy my own tank?

No. Blue Star Gas will furnish a properly-sized propane tank for a nominal annual rental fee. This fee includes any and all periodic upkeep and maintenance. However, some customers choose to purchase their propane tanks to avoid paying rental fees. Please be aware that if you own your tank you are responsible for all maintenance and the replacement of tank valves and equipment.

❱  Can I put my propane tank underground?

Yes. Blue Star Gas offers underground tanks for customers who qualify based on their usage or special needs. Contact your local office to see if you are eligible for the placement of an underground tank. Visit our Construction page to learn more.

❱  How much propane will I use in a year?

Usage varies depending on the appliance and the number of people in your home. Visit our Energy Comparison page to see how much propane your appliances typically use.

❱  Do you sell propane appliances?

Yes. Blue Star Gas carries a full line of propane appliances from major manufactures such as Frigidaire, Maytag, Vermont Casting, and Rinnai. View our Appliances page to learn more.

❱  Do I have to watch my tank and call for a propane gas refill?

No. Blue Star Gas provides service on a “Keep Full” basis. Our drivers monitor your tank level and automatically schedule your next delivery. Our e-lert tank monitors are placed on your tank and send alerts to your local branch, letting them know how much fuel you have left. Learn more about the benefits of our E-lert Tank Monitoring System.

❱  Where is the closest Blue Star Gas location?

Blue Star Gas serves an area of over 65,000 square miles in 14 unique markets throughout Washington, Oregon, California, and Utah. Find your nearest Blue Star Gas office by visiting our Locations page.

❱  Why Blue Star Gas?

Blue Star Gas is a family-owned and -operated company that has been serving its customers since 1938. Our goal is to not only meet our customers needs through exceptional service, but also to provide quality propane gas refills at affordable prices. Learn more about our Service Pledge.