Prime Power Generators

The Off Grid Power of Propane

For people who want an “off grid” life – without sacrificing modern conveniences – propane prime generators are the perfect solution. An increasing number of manufacturers now build propane generators warranted for off-grid use when used as part of a renewable energy system. This may include, for example, residential systems where solar photovoltaic panels or wind generators supply electricity. When stored battery voltage cannot meet demand, the propane generator kicks in to recharge the batteries to ensure uninterrupted power.

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Prime Power Generator Installation

Prime Power Generator powered by propane

Load Management Applications

Prime power generators are most commonly used as a site’s primary source of continual off grid power. But they can be used for on-grid applications as well. Many industries will often implement prime power generators as a way to offset power provided by utility providers during times of peak usage. This practice, called load management, is mutually beneficial – and lucrative – for both the end-user and the utility provider.

Load management usually involves an agreement between the utility provider and the end-user —for instance, a manufacturing plant— to reduce electricity usage in times of high demand by offsetting load demand with a prime power generator. You can use your prime power generator for load management in two ways:

Peak Shaving

In a peak shaving setup, the utility provider will provide you with a fixed amount of power. When your application exceeds that threshold, your prime power generator will kick on and make up the difference. Usually, the utility provider will pay the end user for providing that additional power. It helps the utility provider manage your peak usage times, and predict the amount of power they need to provide across the grid.

Base loading

Simply put, base loading setups are the opposite of peak shaving. You will run your prime power generator at a fixed output. If you require loads beyond your generator’s capability, the utility provider will make up the difference.

Both peak shaving and base loading can be implemented by high-usage applications to prevent outages and ensure adequate power is always available, even during peak usage periods.