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You build every home on your reputation, so why not choose the energy that keeps it spotless? Propane gas heats comfortably and fuels everything from the stove to the water heater. Four out of five consumers consider propane reliable and efficient because they can recover the cost of installing propane appliances within 18 months of buying their home. Let us help make the house of your dreams a reality.

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Home Building Propane Tank Installation & Service

Whether you’re a homeowner or construction company looking to outfit a home with propane service, Blue Star Gas is here to help you every step of the way. Before getting started, there are several things to consider, including the type of tank setting that will best serve your needs. The resources below include detailed information on both types of tank settings.

More About Propane Underground Tanks

With today’s technology, propane tanks are being installed underground, and that’s making many homeowners very happy. Once installed, the only visible part of the tank is a small dome for refilling, testing, and servicing. More and more, new neighborhood and subdivision rules are requiring that all utilities are buried, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Underground propane tanks are an excellent, low-profile solution for storing cost-efficient energy.

Typical horizontal ASME tanks range from 120 to 1000 gallons in size. Single-family homes are served by various propane tank sizes depending on their annual usage. A home with single-appliance usage could benefit from a 250-gallon tank. However, a 1000-gallon tank would be best suited for a very large home with all gas appliances. Most often, a 500-gallon tank is sufficient for an average home.

Home building luxury homes, vacation or rental properties, multi family homes, and entire developments are just some of the places you’ll find underground tanks. The buried tanks are installed near the home and connected with underground piping. They can be installed anywhere on your property as long as they can be reached by our delivery trucks. Other factors, such as building and/or safety codes, accessibility, and preference must also be considered. Because our tanks are constructed of heavy steel and given a coating of special paint which prevents corrosion, your propane tank is maintenance-free and has a average lifespan of 30 to 40 years.

Propane Tank Sizes


  • Length: 66″
  • Height: 33″
  • Diameter: 24″
Blue Star Gas 120 gallon propane tank

  • Length: 87″
  • Height: 40″
  • Diameter: 32″
Blue Star Gas 250 gallon propane tank

  • Length: 118″
  • Height: 46″
  • Diameter: 38″
Blue Star Gas 500 gallon propane tank

  • Length: 191″
  • Height: 50″
  • Diameter: 41″
Blue Star Gas 1000 gallon propane tank

Underground Utility Systems

When planning communities and designing homes which may be far off the natural gas line, builders often choose to install an underground propane utility system. Building with propane is a much more viable and flexible way to connect anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of residents to a reliable, freestanding community pipeline from a single central distribution facility. Installing a propane utility system is also a more affordable option, and not just for the builder. Residents can save quite a bit by heating their homes and water, drying their clothes, and cooking with propane.

Our underground utility systems provide a consistent supply of fuel for all residents that is simple and easy to use, and because propane is energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Blue Star Gas operates three municipal and four private underground utility systems, one of which is the oldest propane utility service registered with the P.U.C. in the State of California.

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